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          • - Wikilinks Are The Best For SEO
          • - Easy To Use


          • - Software On Your Computer (everyone knows I don't care for that, but, others don't mind)

          My Wikirobot Review

          What is really crazy about this wikirobot review; is that I don’t classify it as a super sexy WSO, but, I really liked it!    The thing is, it was a bit over my head.   I am sure if I took some more time with this, this would have been a HUGE winner with my SEO work.    But, I just wasn’t ready for it.    It’s not you, wikirobot, it’s me!   🙂    I have a feeling I will be revisiting this software sooner than I think.   Plus, I love anything that Joshua Zamora puts out.


          Does Wikrobot Really Work?

          Hi, I’m Amy, and I am going to talk to you about wikirobot. So, this is a GREAT program, BUT!!! …. Here’s the real deal, and understand I am coming from a place of being pretty green when it comes to internet marketing. Some of you big marketers may laugh at me, but, if you are new to marketing, there is a lot involved in the wikirobot. It’s not impossible, but, it was more involved than I had bargained for. To run wikirobot on autopilot, there are a few programs you will need. You are going to need a captcha program. This is a program that will automatically enter captchas for you. You will also need proxies so that your ip doesn’t get blocked. These are fairly simple as well.

          WikiRobot Requires An Article Spinner
          Then, you are also going to need a spinner program, to spin content for you. Again, pretty simple stuff, all of it really. But, just way more involved than I was ready for. This is a great program for sending links to videos on complete autopilot once everything is in place. It was pretty easy to figure out, and I had never bought proxies, or captcha services. So, I had no trouble figuring any of it out, but, what concerned me was that I was going to do something wrong and get one of my websites blacklisted, or my ip blocked or something. Everyone knows I am a super geeky gal when it comes to that! So, this wikirobot review is a bit split down the middle! I’m sure if I took a little more time, it would have been fine, but, for me, I ended up hiring someone else to do the work. Other than that, I would recommend this! I would say that wikirobot really works! I wouldn’t call it a SUPER SEXY WSO, but, it is definitely recommended!! FIND OUT MORE ABOUT WIKIROBOT HERE

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